Working Across
All Time and Space

“Time is non-existent, it can be felt during the ticking of a clock,
but the now is only present in the now moment.
Bring everything into the now and see yourself
into a sense of ease and flow.”


Nicola is a Reiki Master, Galactic Shaman, Intuitive Healer,and Soul to Soul Mentor.
Trance and Pure Channeling her Higher self and Multidimensional aspects, Nicola pushes through her ego mind into the remembrance of her Light.

Throughout the evolution of Nicola’s understanding of her soul’s purpose, she has maintained a drive to push through her understanding of herself and her reality, she is always expanding into a greater refinement of her Light.


Nicola constantly connects to higher levels of consciousness, pushing through her understanding of her reality. Empathic to others perspectives and align to higher mind intuitive guidance to assist soul understanding in her mentoring programs.

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

Nicola excels in understanding emotional states and how energetically this response creates physical body symptoms, dis-ease, and ascension symptoms. Alternative routes of adjusting the total wellbeing during the evolution of the soul.

Emotional vibrational energy is released through connection to another’s energetic field. Working in a pure channeled state, Nicola fine tunes the souls energetic bodies, upgrades and activates the energetic field and energetic templates.

Language is communication,
Light is the frequency of Love. Both united provides a soul remembrance.

Nicola is an Intuitive Healer. She shifts
her connection to sources of Light
expression and frequency.

Nicola will work with you from a conscious understanding of soul upgrades and egoic upgrades.