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“You are all of the things. in flow – if you are not; let us work on the
things you are not, into manifest.”

Light Language Transmissions Online Course

The Light Language Transmission Online course available on Udemy will help you cope with your ascension symptoms.  

As you energetically upgrade yourself and embody higher levels of consciousness, you may want to have access to Light Language Codes to help you balance your energetic field. 

Healing your Mind, Body, and Soul. 

Understanding Light Language

The intuitive healer program provides an in-depth understanding of the integration of soul mission templates and the identification of soul purpose. Energetic alignments and integration of multidimensional aspects are integrated into the system to enhance the flow systems into connection with higher levels of conscious understanding. This enables the healer to maintain a high level of inner guidance. The intuitive healer transcends the mind and embraces the innate objective of soul expansion.

Nicola will be the anchor of Light and channel through our teachings for all that need to hear the truth of their souls journey within the anchor said Light.

Past, Present
Emotions Release

Your experience of emotional states are determined by your souls understanding of this reality. The journey of being human provides us with emotional responses 

Online Course to come

in- Person and Online Events

Nicola provides many subject matter events online and in-person. She is available for one to one, small groups, and larger scaler events. Please message Nicola for your requirements.

Dates will be released for your consideration, these will be available in due course.

Events – Higher Connection Group Healings, Understanding Light Language Events, Intuitive Healer, Energy and Breath Awareness, Pure Channeling, and Emotional Release.