Identification and Beliefs
of Distorted Sight

“You are more than your physicality, you are sovereign, you are Light.
Anything other than this is an illusion – know this.”


Language is communication, Light is the frequency of Love.

Both united provides a soul remembrance. Love flowing through the soul’s expression manifests in channeled communication of writings, spoken words and sounds, toning, signing with energy, fire codes of Light, and body movements. All providing a expression of the soul in manifest.

This connection will provide clearing, activations, remembrance, and soul template upgrades. The blocks that prevent the soul from expressing it’s Light are emotional state frequencies. This distorted layer of energy stops the soul from accessing the sovereignty of Light. Pushing through this distortion will allow the total recall of all that you are.

Healing with Nicola

Nicola constantly connects to higher levels of consciousness, pushing through her understanding of her reality. Empathic to others perspectives and align to higher mind intuitive guidance to assist soul understanding in her mentoring programs.

Galactic connection of Light beings, Arcuturian, Peiladians, Lyrans, Sirius B, Mantis, Beings of Light – Council of 9, are a few to mention. As well as spirit, Mother Father God, Christ Consciousness, Gods and Goddesses, ascended Masters, Elementals, Dragon Energy, all of the Light.

Quantum adjustments of templatic fields, energetic systems, and that of the physical energetic syestms, are adjusted and upgraded during the healing session. It is highly advisable for the soul to connect with their own intentions to provide an empowered perspective. To also assist with your healing it is recommended to understand the ability to connect deeper with the healing, you must be aware of breathwork, physcial body movements will all help the connection. This process and understanding will be addressed during the healing session. Online courses are also available to help you with understanding this information.

Inner child work, multidimensional aspect integration and healing, soul retrieval and healing, soul contract and cord release, implant and energetic infiltration release, emotional block release, template alignment and upgrades, All levels of release will be worked upon in due course of allowance of the release according to Higher Self connection and Egotic allowance.


Nicola will work with you from a conscious understanding of soul upgrades and egoic upgrades. Using Light Language, Nicola will connect to your Higher self and disclose anyother information into the remembrance of your soul’s journey. This connectiion will supersede your minds expectation as you move deeper into your souls remembrance. All mentoring is bespoke to your needs.

Intuitive Healer, energy awareness, Light Language understanding, emotional states, and more