Empowering You
On your Spiritual Journey

The time has come for great change, anchor in your light and release your restrictions.

Past, present and future, throughout all time and space.

Let me assist and guide you


Connecting you to higher levels of consciousness,
bringing in soul fragmentations, releasing you from cords
and contracts throughout all time and space.


Nicola is a Reiki Master, Galactic Shaman, Intuitive Healer,and Soul to Soul Mentor.
Trance and Pure Channeling her Higher self and Multidimensional aspects, Nicola pushes through her ego mind into the remembrance of her Light.

Online Courses

Available on Udemy Online Course Platform 

Activation to Understanding Light Language Online Course 

Light Language Transmission for Your Ascension Course 

Online Sessions 

Your spiritual growth into Mastery will be supported by higher levels of Consciousness connection during your calls, as Nicola connects to your HIgher Self for direction. You will set your intentions from your perspective also, giving a complete soul growth journey program. 

You will always be empowered by Nicola, giving you tools to help you be self-sufficient.  

Subject offerings such as, Light Language Understanding, BreathWork Mastery, Emotional Release, Energy Awareness are available, As well as the Quantum Field, Soul Fragmentation, Multidimensional Aspect Integration and Alignment. Inner Child, Relationships, Conscious Parenting, and Intuitive Healer Programs.  

Always expanding, always evolving. 

“You are all of the things in flow. if you are not; let us work on the things you are not, into manifest.”


Nicola is an Intuitive Healer. She shifts her connection to sources of Light expression and frequency, to individuals needs. Working Internationally with Mediums, Healers, and highly evolved souls on their ascension journey.